With the handmade porcelain from Grace of Glaze I would like to bring a sense of awe to the table by celebrating the nuances of colour. The subtlety and depth of the colours of the tableware invite you to enrich your dining experience and living environment.
From my enthusiasm and care for materials, textures and colours Grace of Glaze came to being.

Fascinated by porcelain
From an early age I admired the elegance and sophistication I saw in artisan craftsmanship. Porcelain products fascinated me because of the mystery of how something so refined can be made from dust. I had the opportunity to learn this during my studies as a designer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and my internship at Royal Tichelaar. The versatility of possibilities that each step offers during the process played with my imagination. I was determined to find an aesthetic that showed this richness. I also found a way to pour the values – beauty, mastery, respect, silence, liveliness and time – into my work that are important to me.

Simone Doesburg Grace of Glaze


Delicate and strong
The result? Simple tableware with colours that are rich and melting together. An intense collaboration between shape, material and colour.A soft design in bold colours. Refined and extremely strong. Simple and rich. It is precisely those contrasts that I find endlessly interesting.

It is such a joy to see my products find their way to a new home. Therefore I’m proud that my ceramics are used by consumers, museums and restaurants globally. It brings fulfilment to see people marvel when they let their eye wander over the subtle colour gradients of Grace of Glaze tableware.

I hope you continue your day full of wonder and inspiration.


Simone Doesburg


Photography & Website
Raf Celis – founder of Huis Twaalf