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At Grace of Glaze we like to make products that bring beauty and stillness into everyday life. Our unique use of colour and material make the colours vibrantly alive. The subtlety of the gradient glaze and coloured porcelain are only possible because of the small scale and handmade production process. It brings great joy to make this modern porcelain tableware for you in our atelier in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

Grace of Glaze
Spring Summer Collection Grace of Glaze


We’re delighted to share with you our handmade tableware with subtle gradients in bold colours! We’re ready for these colours to brighten up our day and match them up with all kinds of fruits, salads and cake of course. Find the colour options each products has to offer.


Simone’s current favourite colours available in a set for a sweet price.

‘With the handmade porcelain from Grace of Glaze I would like to bring a sense of awe to the table by celebrating the nuances of colour. The subtlety and depth of the colours of the tableware invite you to enrich your dining experience and living environment.’

Colour Library Grace of Glaze


At Grace of Glaze we put colour first. This tableware is created by adding a coloured transparant glaze on top of a coloured clay body. This way a different hue is created. Our unique way of applying the glaze results in a gradient.


We are very excited about making custom collections. It’s inspiring to see the collections you come up with. 

Interested in a personal colour collection? Please send us a e-mail for more information. 

The Frozen Fountain X Grace of Glaze


All of our products are handmade. The porcelain is slibcasted in molds and glazed by hand in our small atelier in Utrecht, the Netherlands.